Show 27…School’s Out in England: Colin Slater



Immersion is the best teacher, I talk this week about having our own family core values not someone else’s.   I’m visiting my Mum in England with Daughts as a travelling companion.  My mother’s new flat in London still has things in boxes so there is a lot to do.

My guest this week hails from Liverpool, England. He and his wife have been homeschooling their eight children for twenty years. Colin Slater is now the principal of TEACH (The European Academy for Christian Homeschooling) where he is able to promote homeschooling especially in England. Mr. Slater found that the biggest opposition to Christian Education in England is the church and he will talk to me a about the way he and his wife sought God’s call to evangelism through education. Join me on Friday and learn how our neighbours across the pond educate their children at home.


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