Show 255… Why is Unique Sometimes a Challenge?: Shannah Godfrey



Joining me this week is returning guest Shannah Godfrey, author of a successful phonics method, a scientist who has succeeded in a man’s world and a Mum who brought up and homeschooled 14 children!

Today we are going to be talking about some of the struggles she had while raising young people to be contributing members of society.  We will be exploring the tendency we all have to compare ourselves to others, and pick her brains about her experience dealing with addiction and children with unique personalities who want to express themselves, their way!

Shannah is a strong advocate for direct instruction but does not believe in pushing a child until he or she is ready even if it takes him into middle age!  You may need something stronger than tea to get you through this one so treat yourself to a slice of cake a deep cleansing breath and tune in this Friday at 12 noon Central.


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