Show 253… Christmas as a Missionary: Marcia Washburn



This week I will be bringing you the second part of my recent conversation with Marcia Washburn my very creative, musically gifted and artistic friend.

Marcia and I have talked in the past about the Shuar Indians of eastern Ecuador and her hands on electronic book, Beethoven Who? We’ve talked about encouragement for homeschooling Mums in the warm and humourous way Marcia has and the last conversation we had was about how to spread the joy during this holiday season.

She holds a Master’s in Music Education and she and her husband homeschooled their five sons in rural Colorado for nineteen years.  Marcia writes about building a firm foundation for our children that won’t crumble under pressure and has a series of e-books called Management for Moms, I have been promoting one of them Managing the Holidays. 

Today Marcia is going to be telling us about some missionaries she knows in Russia, The Central African Republic and Ecuador and how they will be celebrating Christmas far from home and the choices they have made within the different cultures.

Bring your hot chocolate this Friday at noon central and enjoy listening to Marcia talk about Christmas on three continents.

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