Show 247…We Are Cherished: Polly Wright


My guest this week is no stranger to my show.  I have known Polly Wright since she was a young girl, the daughter of a colleague of mine from the days when I worked in Corporate America, way before any self-respecting career woman would ever consider homeschooling!!

Polly Wright started a ministry in 2010 called We Are Cherished which reaches out to women in the sex industry and provides the community they need when they are ready to leave.  She is passionate for women to know their true worth and value and discover who they were created to be.

Polly and her husband have been married for 19 years and have beautiful twin daughters whom they have homeschooled since 2008.

Polly is the author of, Cherished: Shattered Innocence. Restored Hope  chronicling her personal story that led her to the ministry she founded and to the life God had planned for her.

Today Polly is going to talk about difficult moments while she was homeschooling and how she came through them stronger and more in love with her creator than ever.  Join us on Friday at 12 noon Central and find ways to un leash your love and be cherished.

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