Show 246…Finding Domestic Serenity: Daniele Evans


Rejoining me on my show this week is Daniele Evans who describes herself as a woman on a journey towards intentional and meaningful living.

Daniele is a pastor’s wife and she and her husband, whom she describes as her best friend and confidant, homeschool their five children in central Pennsylvania.  Their marriage is a biblically-centered one, their parenting is grace-based and their home is peace-filled or at least striving to be with God’s help.  In true Christian style Daniele knows she is only human and likely to stumble and fall at times.  She is the author of Honoring the Rhythm of Rest and writes regularly for Home Educating Family Magasine, The Curriculum Choice, Passionate Homemaking, The Better Mom and her own blog, Domestic Serenity.  Daniele is going to provide us with some pointers to lift us up during challenging moments, inspire us to find God in the oftentimes not so perfect moments of our lives, to offer insights on ways to move through our journey and practice rest as a regular pattern in our days.  Join us for a cup of tea and a rest in the Lord’s oasis, this Friday.

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