Show 242… Challenges in the Homeschool: Sherry Hayes
I am welcoming Sherry Hayes back to my show this week.
Sherry is the inspiring Christian mother of 15 wonderful children and has been homeschooling for 26 years. She has seen the “graduation” of several of her children from her home in colorful Colorado and she and her husband, David, are enjoying rearing the remaining few still under their tutelage.
She has been a compassionate promoter of redemptive home educating for almost a quarter of a century and has maintained the belief that it’s God’s venue for national and world revival.
In her spare time Sherry has been a proactive advocate for homeschooling, a key speaker for homeschool support groups, and a successful writer encouraging practical Biblical family living on her blog, Large Family Mothering.
She has written two new books, Homeschool Sanity and McGuffey’s Primer Flashcards, Helps & Hints, to encourage and help to facilitate others who have decided to embark on the exhilarating journey.
This week we are going to be talking about how homeschoolers handle real life when it hits their families, be it marital struggles, our children finding themselves (also known to us as rebellion!),  health setbacks, and unexpected additions to the family…in other words when things are just not going right in the homeschool…
Bring your tea and join me on Friday at 12 noon Central for a gentle discussion about how we can best handle the ups and downs of living while holding down a bustling homeschool.



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