Show 241…Verbal Math: Nina Levin



Joining me this week is Nina Levin who is CEO of Mountcastle Company, an independent publishing company with offices in California and New York City.

Mountcastle was first established in 2000 as an educational publishing company, focused on exceptional products for teaching children to read. Beginning with the company’s first (and bestselling) book, The Reading Lesson, Mountcastle Company has been committed to publishing the most effective and original products for young children.  Mountcastle Company is also the publisher for the bestselling series, the Verbal Math Lesson.

In 2012 the company got a new, fresh look and a new CEO, when Nina Levin took over the business.  Nina has since added new amazing products to the catalog for homeschooling families and is passionate about bringing the best educational products to families across the country and around the world.

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Join me on Friday with your cup of tea and an alert mind to experience verbal math first hand when Nina and I enter into the world of mental arithmetic, at 12 noon Central.

Listen on Friday at 12 Noon Central

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