Show 231…How Homeschooling Changed Us: Larry McNeny


This week I’m talking to my blue eyed cowboy who has agreed to join us for a cuppa.

His real name is Larry McNeny and he toured the world with famous musicians ensuring they were in the right place, on stage, at the right time, not an easy task sometimes.  Larry worked with Stigwood. a management company, and toured with such greats as, Eric Clapton, The BeeGees, Three Dog Night, Firehouse, and Marvin Hamlisch, Linda Rondstat and the Pittsburg symphony.  He personally managed Andy Gibb and an artist and sculptor, whom he always refers to as, “quite famous.”

Larry shared the homescholing years with me whenever he wasn’t out on the road as a Tour Manager for any number of impressive bands. His glamourous life got the children’s interest a whole lot quicker than anything I was trying to do with them!

Today we are going to be talking about homeschooling, empty nest, living here in Florida and how we have been affected by homeschooling.

Visit to learn more about one of Larry’s latest projects.

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