Show 226…Lifelong Unschooler: Peter Kowalke


Joining me this week is self described, lifelong unschooler Peter Kowalke.

Peter has been on my show several times and we have talked about his passion for unschooling and how much it has influenced his life.  His highly praised documentary “Grown Without Schooling” followed ten unschooled graduates into the world and recorded how they fared in their individual life choices.

Peter lives in New York City and has consulted as a homeschool expert for media outlets such as the BBC, the New York Times and The Times of India.

The last time we spoke, two years ago, he had just returned from a six month spiritual sojourn in Asia.

This Friday afternoon we are going to be catching up and talking about how Unschooling led him along the pathway of philosophical exploration which eventually brought him to Vedanta. and his charity work with The Philia Mission.

This week I will be engaging you with the latest and greatest from the household of the McNenys where we are enjoying storms and rain you wouldn’t believe (are we in Florida or the Tropics?), I’ll be talking about walking in the rain, life long learning, no interruptions, and how we’re keeping up with the children. Are you ready?

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Mick Mergens

2014-06-30 21:19:01 Reply


My name is Mick Mergens. My wife and I homeschooled our son until the day he started college, at age 16! At that point, his math skills were so strong, he was hired on as one of the College Math Tutors. He went on earn three college degrees and today he is a full time engineer.

My wife had her own unique way of teaching math and when I saw how well it worked for our son, I encouraged her to write her entire method in a series of books. I told her to write a curriculum so everyone could teach math the way she did.

In 2010 my wife, JK Mergens, unveiled her math program and we named it the *Learn Math Fast System*. Since then, it has sold in all 50 US States and 10 other countries, and oh my word! You would not believe the feedback we are getting! People from across the globe are sending emails thanking her for this system! Children who were lost and in tears over math are now enjoying and understanding it for the first time. They tell how their older children are able to learn 11 years worth of math in just about a year. Search the Internet for independent reviews! These books cover 1st to 11th grade math in a way you’ve never seen before.

I’m reaching out to all educators, homeschoolers, and unschoolers to let them know about the Learn Math Fast System. If you know anyone who is struggling to teach or learn math, please tell them to visit our website for all the details.

Also, be sure to read my wife, JK Mergens’ article, “Unlock Your Fidgety Child’s Ability to Learn and Focus” in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine to read why she feels the label ADHD should be replaced with a more positive name, such as Active Intellects.

Thank you for your time,
~Mick Mergens


    2014-06-30 23:19:15 Reply

    Thanks Mick. How would you and your wife like to come on my show and talk about this?

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