Show 220…The Compelling Case for Homeschooling: Mike Donnelly


Mike Donnelly, from the Home School Legal Defense Association, returns to my show this week wearing his legal and dad hats.  When he’s not talking to me Mike serves as Staff Attorney and Director of International Relations for member affairs and is Adjunct Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College, in Virginia.  Mike and his wife teach their seven children at home and he is a frequent speaker and writer on many home school related topics some of which he has shared with us over the years on my show.

Mike and his hard working colleagues at HSLDA defend both the American and International right to choose how we educate our children and their convictions ensure that homeschooling remains a parental choice for all of us.  Today we are going to be hearing about some good news about the Romeike family and the recent court decision that will allow them to remain in America.  Mike and I will also talk about some of the doubts parents may have when considering homeschooling.  Peer preessure is not just for our children!

Pull up a chair and snag a cup of tea and listen in this Friday at 12 noon Central.

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