Show 213…Effective Positive Thinking: Suzanne Glover


This week on The Sociable Homeschooler, where homeschooling is a unique lifestyle, I will be talking once again to Suzanne Glover, author, motivational speaker, hypnotherapist, actress and personal development professional.  Suzanne joined me on January 17th where we broke open the possibility of re-training our brains to think positively and to let go of deep-seated beliefs we may be carrying around with us that may not be true.  Do you want to get more out of life?  Do you want to be your best?   Are you just too tired to positively overcome those negative thoughts and feelings you keep having?  Did you know that 90% of our thoughts come from the people around us?   Suzanne has a unique approach to helping people do the hard work of re-inventing themselves so they can change their unconscious, limiting beliefs about their lives.  By using positive thinking techniques Suzanne can help you tap into some extraordinary tools that work inside and out for better communication, presentation and a successful mindset.  Suzanne’s life of accomplishments comes from her continued desire to re-engineer herself and those around her. She offers an intuitive approach to finding answers within ourselves and believes that we all have the power to be our best!  Curl up on a comfy couch and prepare to breathe deeply this Friday at 12 noon Central, on Toginet Radio.

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