Show 212…Help Svetlana: Kim de Blecourt


I’m delighted to welcome back, Kim de Blecourt as my guest this week.  Kim came on my show last year to talk about her heart wrenching experience while adopting her son from Ukraine.   Before Kim became involved with International Adoptions she spent over 13 years in corporate human resources and was a corporate trainer.  She is now on staff with Food for Orphans as their Life Changing Mission Trips Manager.

Kim’s blog, Nourished Hearts, introduced me to an enterprising and remarkable community of people whom Kim seeks to encourage and inspire through her sensitive writing.  In the forefront of her ministry is the specific issues caregivers face when caring for children who come from ‘hard beginnings.’  Kim seeks to encourage others to Love Courageously especially those who are adopting or have adopted, provide foster care and/or work in orphan care ministry internationally.

Her first book, written with Ginger Kolbaba, chronicles Kim and her husband’s adoption journey of their son from Ukraine and is titled “Until We All Come Home: A Harrowing Journey, a Mother’s Courage, a Race to Freedom” (FaithWords, November 2012).

Today we will talk about Kim’s crowd funding campaign with Indiegogo, Help Svetlana, to raise the funds to provide her adopted son’s half sister, Svetlana, with two years of private medical care to cure her tuberculosis which is in its final stages. Svetlana is in a hospital in Ukraine where the doctors and nurses are no longer being paid. Svetlana has no access to the fresh food she needs which is critical to her fragile health and Kim and her family are reaching out to the public in an effort to raise the money needed to help this young woman

Join us this Friday for a heartwarming and true conversation that will call us to think again about what it means to be a Christian in our world today.

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