Show 210…The AT Thru-Hike 2: Renee Tougas


Greetings, I am Vivienne McNeny and I believe homeschooling to be a unique experience.

This week I am bringing you Part 2 of my recorded conversation with Renee Tougas about her family’s upcoming thru-hike along the Appalachian Trail.  Among other things we will be talking about the Video Series they will be making to bring the experience to our computer screens in the comfort of our homes!  A virtual peek into their lives on The Appalachian Trail as they thru-hike as a family beginning in Georgia this April.  At the moment they live on the side of a mountain in the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec in Canada.   Renee and her husband, Damien, who has a site featuring barefoot and minimalist footwear, homeschool their three children aged 11, 13 and 15.  They are location independent and have decided to use the gift of not being tied down to an office desk and staff & PTA meetings, to take their children on a momentous hike.  They love the outdoors and spend time each week backpacking, hiking, ski-ing and walking.  Renee blogs about how she brings her love for intentional family living, enthusiasm for the natural world, and passion for lifelong learning to everything she does and that includes this adventure they are on the brink of starting.  Come along with us this Friday as we continue our conversation about the preparations for the hike of a lifetime.

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