Show 208…Homeschool Connections: Tarla Gernert


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My guest this week was recommended to me by one of my regulars here on The Sociable Homeschooler where I believe homeschooling to be a unique lifestyle.  Sandy Fowler of Heartfilled Holidays made the introduction and Tarla Gernert and I made it happen.

Tarla earned her B.S. Degree in Elementary Education at Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia.  She has taught in public and private schools and later homeschooled her own children.  The hats she has worn over the years include university academic advisor; administrator of a large, multisite homeschool organization; advertising sales executive; piano teacher; guitar teacher; sewing instructor; real estate investor; and entrepreneur.  What we are going to be covering today is her creation, over the past 13 years, of Homeschool Connections, a successful, full-service educational program serving over 500 students each week at five campuses in southeast Michigan.  Homeschool Connections specializes in high quality academics for all grades with special focus on high school level classes and preparation for college. Classes range from digital movie making, outdoor survival skills, sculpting, and tennis to robotics, Shakespeare, research papers and physics.  I am thrilled to be bringing Tarla to my show this week to talk about her true passion, helping people figure out how best to educate their children and prepare them for the rest of their lives.  We’ll be live this Friday at 12 noon Central.

Listen Live on February 14th 2014

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