Show 202…Keeper of the Home: Stephanie Langford

Stephanie Langford


My first guest of the New Year is Stephanie Langford who describes herself as the blessed wife to Ryan.  She is also Mum and homeschooler to her four favorite little people, and the grateful recipient of undeserved mercy and love from her Heavenly Father.  Stephanie and her husband have spent the last year travelling and hack-schooling on a monumental journey around the world to almost 30 countries in 12 months.  While on the road Stephanie has kept up her blog Keeper of the Home, inspiring and educating women on the topics of nutrition, natural homemaking, “greener” lifestyle choices, and frugal, simple living… all from a distinctively Christian worldview.   She is the author of three books, Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a TimeReal Food on a Real Budget: How to Eat Healthy for Less, and Plan It, Don’t Panic: A Complete Meal Planning Resource.  I caught up with Stephanie a few weeks ago in South East Asia and we talked about life, what she carries in her natural medicine kit on the road and other topics.  You’ll have to tune in on Friday to listen to us and be inspired, if not to totally change your life at least to try some of the natural remedies she has adopted over the last decade.  Start your New Year off with a few eye opening facts about foods you should be eating.

After the first break I’ll be talking to Stephanie Langford author of Keeper of the Home a blog about nutrition and ‘greener’ lifestyle choices.  Stay tuned to be inspired by this delightful Mum.  I’ve already had my elevensies, a left over slice of Christmas pudding and amaretto butter with a cup of bold coffee, while you weren’t listening, and I’m all set for an hour to dedicate just to you, so grab whatever it is you’re drinking and let me engage you with thoughts for the New Year, travel plans, beating the post holiday blues, and looking forward to Spring!  I’m ready, are you?

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