Show 201… Happy New Year: Aadel Bussinger, Mike Donnelly, Polly Wright and Hugh de Burgh

This week being the last Friday of 2013 I have invited a few friends along to join me as we look forward to the New Year.  They will offer inspirational ideas on what we can do to lead a more fulfilling and brilliant life with our families,  encouragement to keep the homeschool fires burning, and a reminder that we are not alone and not to be afraid to accept love.

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Aadel Bussinger

Aadel Bussinger will be talking all the way from South Korea where she is spending her first Christmas and New Year abroad.  She is an army wife and Mum to 3 children, all born 5 years apart.  She and her husband have homeschooled since their oldest was 4 and plan to continue until their youngest moves out.   You’ll want to hear all about her festivities with an Asian flare and can find Aadel over at These Temporary Tents.




Mike Donnelly

Mike Donnelly, HSLDA lawyer and a regular visitor here at the Sociable Homeschooler, is going to share a few words of inspiration as we look toward the New Year.  As a father of seven he will share with you why continuing to homeschool your family really does allow you to disciple them and give them what they need the most, your love and a personal relationship with their savior.




Polly Wright

Polly Wright, founder of We Are Cherished, is passionate for women to know their true worth and value, discovering who they were created to be. Her own journey has placed a desire in her to see other women and men fully restored and redeemed and to know that there is freedom from the shame they carry.  You may want to share her uplifting message with others who are going through a difficult time this holiday season.




Hugh de Burgh & Family

Hugh de Burgh will wrap the show up with some tips to begin your own journey towards transforming your daily life one step at a time.  Hugh is the homeschooling father of four who has taken his family on an adventure without limits.  He is dedicated to the parenting style of living life intentionally every day and blogs at The Passionate Warrior.


Come and share my last show of 2013 this Friday at noon and hear how my friends are preparing for 2014.

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