Show 200… Christmas With Friends: Renee Tougas, Julie & Tom Meekins, Sandy Fowler, Lainie & Miro and Polly Wright

Today is my 200th show and I have invited a few friends to join me and talk about Christmas, to offer some encouraging words for those who may be alone, or raising children who get bewildered by the change in schedule, to share local customs and some quick fix-its if you are behind with your preparations and to talk about the over arching meaning of this time spent thinking about one another, cooking together, enjoying the outdoors and one another’s company.

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Renee Tougas

My friend Renee Tougas, who blogs at FIMBY, will be joining me from a café in the small town near where she lives, works, and learns with her family in their mountain-side home, at the end of a dirt road on the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec, Canada.



Tom and Julie Meekins

Julie & Tom Meekins

Julie & Tom Meekins will talk about how to prepare your child for the festivities.  They have made a commitment to dedicate the rest of their professional lives to helping families navigate the scary world of raising a challenging child and can be found at March Forth Family.




Sandy Fowler

With us so close to Christmas I hope you haven’t left gift wrapping, baking and decorating until the last minute, but, if you have, Sandy Fowler from Heartfilled Holidays is passionate about helping us design stress free holidays that will warm our hearts and feed our spirits, so drop your panic stations and listen up.




Lainie & Miro

My friend Lainie and her son Miro who write at Raising Miro are living the history & culture of foreign lands, encountering amazing people, interacting as global citizens, serving as volunteers and naturally learning along the way.  They will be sharing an unusual Christmas custom in the Andes.




Polly Wright

Polly Wright, whom I’ve known since she was a child will be doing an unusual outreach on Christmas evening and perhaps you will feel emboldened to support her at We Are Cherished as she steps out to carry the light into many a dark cave in downtown Dallas and Columbus Ohio..


Join us on Friday for Christmas with my friends, at Noon CT.

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