Show 199… Planting Churches & Creating Culture: Greg Barber


This week, what better than to wrap the year with a chat about church and corporate worship?  My guest popped up on my Twitter as a follower so I nabbed him and we’re going to be exploring all kinds of good things to get the brain fired up during this season when we focus on the coming of Christ and how our house looks for the onslaught of family and friends in the coming weeks.  Greg Barber is joining me to talk about his work multiplying churches, whether there’s a difference between sacred and secular, how to get the Millennials more involved and lots more.

Greg grew up in Northern California where his family was instrumental in the planting and development of Sunset Christian Center [now Destiny Christian Church]. After graduating high school he served for 2 years in the youth ministry as an intern, where his calling to ministry started to develop, and he fell for the woman of his dreams, his future wife, Kelsey.  He graduated from Northwest with his BA in General Ministry joined the team of the Church Multiplication Network (CMN) in the mid-west and is living the passion he has in his heart to see the lives of others changed, through the efforts of church planting.

As a part of CMN Greg works directly with the national Assessment, Coaching, & Training teams, that help prepare new church planters. He develops the social media, marketing, and event logistic systems for the company and writes about church culture and other topics at his blog.  In 2012 CMN had the amazing privilege to help in the planting of 391 churches worldwide.

Bring a hot chocolate and come and listen to this amazing young man who believes God has put a calling on your life and a dream in your heart.  This Friday at noon CT, I’ll be here will you?

I’ll be touching on the doom and gloom side of the season, only not for long, a rush to the hospital and other cold weather happenings on this side of the pond.  I did have a mince pie this morning to get me in the festive mood, and a yummy cup of hot chocolate laced with something innocuous.  I’m live here at the studios of Toginet Radio…exciting stuff.   I wish you were here in person but I’ll take you just as you are!  Let’s get going shall we?

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