Show 190…Raising Challenging Children: Tom & Julie Meekins

Tom and Julie Meekins

With me today are Tom and Julie Meekins who have a heart for parents, especially those who are raising challenging children.  Julie has been a guest on my show a couple of times and you can go back and hear her story about her youngest daughter diagnosed with CHARGE Syndrome as an infant.  They were told she would never function as a normal child.  Julie and Tom knew that with God all things are possible and today all their children are young adults and doing fabulously!  Because of their many blessings they  have dedicated the rest of their professional lives to educating, equipping, and empowering parents to reach for the best FOR their children and IN their children while being supported in the process. They also reach out to those who work with families and children, ministry leaders and leaders of Parent organizations and groups.  Tom and Julie became certified in child development and health coaching and in March 2012 started a company called March Forth Family LLC to help other families who would need someone who totally understood their challenging situations.  Today it is my pleasure to talk to these two dedicated people whose family have a remarkable story of healing that illustrates their message: It is NEVER too late, and there is ALWAYS hope for this child!  Bring your tea and come and hear an encouraging conversation with these two inspiring people.

Tom and Julie have two teleclasses coming up, on October 16th  and October 26th

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