Show 176…Digital Addiction: Gretchen Roe


I am taking some time off to finish writing my two books so listen to my show below.

It is July in London and Hubs and I are a long way from our family members.  The distance is greatly enhanced because of the American holiday that the English locals don’t celebrate, Independence Day.

I am thankful that our youngest is with us and we enjoy her homecomings from her job, rather late in the evening but welcome nonetheless.

Today my on air friend, Gretchen Roe, and I are going to be talking about addiction, Digital Addiction!  She will be offering some tips for unplugging our children.

Gretchen has joined me for many a Friday chat and I think this one is going to hit home in a number of families.

As Community Liaison for the Calvert School Gretchen fields a lot of questions from Mums, Dads and children in the homeschool trenches and she knows just what is going on in busy households similar to yours and mine, why?  She has one of her own!

Mother of two college graduates, one junior, one freshman, a 7th grader and 2nd grader Gretchen knows her stuff and her insights are invaluable!   She presents Webinars for international home educating audiences, conducts workshops at conferences around America and has used the Calvert Curriculum for 20 years because she can homeschool for herself but not by herself.

Is your family affected by the digital age?

Join me on Friday with a cup of tea and get some well aimed pointers on how to win your children back.

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