Show 175… I’m That Mum: Sue Patterson


I am taking some time off to finish writing my two books so this week is an encore show.

In England my blue eyed cowboy and I take a train ride to Turnham Green and Chiswick house.

I give some tips about what to do and places to visit while travelling in London.

With me today is Sue Patterson, a self confessed, highly involved, Mum of three who loves her children as if today is the only day she’s going to have with them.  She knows she raised them differently from other people and she wanted them to unfold naturally without unnecessary peer pressure or authoritarian squashing. She went from soccer Mum in the suburbs to radical unschooler wherever she happened to be since she was a Air Force wife and they moved a lot.  Sue wasn’t interested in establishing her authority or catching her children doing something wrong she wanted to be a guide, someone who  had been there before, who wanted the best for them and who would love them and listen to them.  Now that Sue’s children have flown the coop she blogs about her life and her “Motherhood in Transition” at Lifelong Learningand is a columnist for the new national publication at, The Homeschooler.  She also runs the Unschooling Blog and Pintrest Carnivals.

I’ll have my Earl Grey to sip on and Time-Out ,a rather delicious wafer biscuit covered in chocolate with a slightly coffee taste, I‘m mixing up the flavours today.  I’ll be going on about obedience at home, exchanges, a day out, a dodgy knee and falling asleep on trains, I’m bursting to start so what are we waiting for?  Bring some tea and join me to take another look at enjoying our young adult children.

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