Show 174… Do Our Children Define Us? Shannah Godfrey


With me today is Shannah Godfrey  a scientist who has succeeded in a man’s world and still managed to raise and homeschool 14 children!  Today we are going to be talking about good parenting practices, comparing ourselves to others, the value of rebellion and whether it is reasonable to expect your child to have left home by the time he or she turns thirty!  Shannah was a gifted child who decided to wait to go to college and found herself cast in the role of stay at home mother of five and foster Mom to many.  Join me and this fascinating educator who invented the Godfrey Method, a phonics reading programme that has proven children don’t have to be rocket scientists in order to master reading.  You will definitely need to be sitting down and breathing deeply for this show, so bring your Dandelion tea and wholemeal biscuit.  On the home front I’ll be going on about life, taking a trip with your family to London, obedience and scheduling freedom.  I’ve a cup of tea and a scone today and this is my last stop before the Fish Shop so what are we waiting for!?


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