Show 140…Papa’s Pearls: Diane Flynn Keith
Diane Flynn Keith
I am thrilled to welcome back Diane Flynn Keith this week as my guest. She is an alternative education specialist whose written and spoken words empower families to get the help their children need for a meaningful education at home. Diane claims that when you listen to her speak you won’t hear what’s being presented in high school or by the local school district. As a mother of two sons she had to get creative. In her house volunteer work, flight lessons, and performing in music bands passed as high school. This innovative way of looking at education paid off and her sons are both contributing members of society pursing productive careers in the music industry. Diane’s latest book is a tribute to her father who lived by a set of immutable truths learned through the school of hard knocks. Simply entitled Papa’s Pearls it is a father’s gift of love and wisdom to his children and grandchildren. Join us on Friday with your tea and a biscuit for some new techniques for taming wiggle worms and a look into the life of a beloved parent.




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