Show 14…Carol Topp


Today I’ll be sharing my weekend with Buddy our grand-dog.

I explore my childhood history of friendships and compare it to the homeschool movement while taking a look at John Holt’s philosophy.

My youngest has realized her job dream and is a Starbucks Barista in training.

My oldest daughter has to manage without her car for a five weeks because she was rear ended by a truck and I return to ferrying mode!

I am now the proud owner of a fixie and almost fall off, listen and I’ll tell you all about it.

My guest this week is Carol Topp, CPA. We’re going to talk about homeschooling co-ops and how to share the education of your child with others who may do things differently. Carol is the author of “Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out.” She will give us some ideas on what to teach in a co-op and we will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of group learning. Join me this afternoon and learn how co-oping is a good way to experience the God given talents and gifts of other parents.



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