Show 125…From Etudes to Attitudes: Marcia Washburn
This week I am thrilled to welcome back Marcia Washburn who holds a Master’s in Music Education and taught public school music for eight years prior to the birth of the oldest of her five sons, whom she and her husband homeschooled in rural Colorado for nineteen years. During her last visit with me Marcia told us all about running a homeschooling workshop for the Shuar Indians in Ecuador. Today she is going to be telling us how we can include music in our homeschool curriculum without being particularly musical. Marcia is also writing a Management for Moms Series of e-books in which she covers hot topics such as obedience and discipline as well as housework and car mechanics not to mention the day-to-day parenting, educational, financial, and spiritual challenges we face as we keep our focus on God and his plan for our family’s legacy. Building tomorrow’s generation is not for the faint hearted and Marcia, with her warmth and humour, will help us with the tools we need to build a firm foundation for our children that won’t crumble under pressure. Bring your tea on Friday and discover Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music, Marcia Washburn’s user friendly answer to teaching etudes and much, much more!




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