Show 1…Homeschooling Really is a Circus: Bev Abderrahman

Shriner Circus

This is my very first show and I talk about the McNenys in Garland and how well known we are.  You’ll also find out about how I got my very own Radio Show, our involvement in the community theatre and how my English accent trips me up whenever I ask for a glass of water especially in a drive through.

My first guest is a former circus performer and homeschooling mother of three, Bev Abderrahman. Bev talks about her days as a trapeze artist with the Shriners, how she met her acrobatic husband, and kept her growing family together by educating them on the road with elephants, lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

I will also have a special guest pop in at the end so you’ll have to listen and hear her brilliant accent!  In the words of the ringmaster’s welcoming speech, Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all Ages, join me this Friday at 12 noon Central for the greatest show on earth the circus is about to begin!




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