Show 81…Web Mama: Tina Smith



This week my guest is a multi-tasking, ideas Mum who lets her creative juices flow and overflow onto her children and other people’s children through her work with various local non profits as well as her websites. Tina Smith lives in Fresno, California, where she is president of The Learning Village Homeschool Resource Centre and a board member of the Discovery Centre, where she spent many years happily working before becoming a Mum. She is the creator of Mommy Chats a live chat room site for moms to connect with moms and she maintains Central Valley’s best online parenting resource, Amazingly she is also the author of a book, “How to Create a High Quality ‘Mommy and Me’ Program,” based on the work she did out of her home for several years when her children were really young. You’d better have your coffee with you when you join us this Friday, Tina is a whirlwind of a woman so hold on tight!



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