Show 165…Raising Playful Tots: Melitsa Avila


I discovered my guest this week through my faithful listener in California who thought putting the two of us together with our English accents would be a hoot!  Melitsa Avila is a former teacher, mother of three boys and military wife who hosts a weekly show called Raising Playful Tots.  She specialises in delivering Early Childhood play information straight from practitioners and experts into the hands of parents and carers to improve their under 5 play opportunities.  Melitsa has been blogging since 2007 sharing forgotten play activities, promoting discussion and community to encourage parents to have fun with their children intentionally and make choices about play the way we remembered it from our childhood. Leave your dustpan and brush in the cupboard and join me this week to pick up some ideas on how to make your home a place where you and your young ones can experiment and have fun with common household items.

I’m also going to be talking about what I did with my children when they were all young, the benefit of television and the stabilising effect routines had on our unique household, many still carried over into independent lives today.  I’m drinking Keurig coffee, I love that machine, even though it is a little more expensive than the cafetiere, and eating a piece of home made cake.  Let’s get going!

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