Show 163…World Tour the Mama Way: Jennifer Miller


I am writing two books at the moment so this is my encore show!

It is the big event today!  The marriage of my youngest son to his bride.

I share what I have found out about weddings, especially the ceremony, focusing on symbolism and imagery from the bible.  I look at traditions for brides and my house is filling up with guests, my brother and his sons are here from England.

Jennifer Miller is back with me this week to talk about the open-ended tour of the world she and her family are embarked upon.  They have been nomads for five years now and love every minute of it, well almost.  Today she will be sharing her favourite spot in the world and her least favourite!  Jennifer is passing on her legacy of an uncommon childhood to her offspring and seriously homeschooling while on the road!  How does she do it?  What does a vacation look like to a family of travellers?  How do they decide what to tote with them?  What about money?  Language?  Accommodation?  What does location independent mean?  Tune in this week to find out more about how Jennifer, her husband and four children are living their family dream.  Their lifestyle will razzle and dazzle you and you’ll want to join Jennifer by following her

Since this is a once in a lifetime day I’m going to be nattering on about Christian marriage, mother-in-law tips, extra family to stay and pretty stuff like dresses, make-up and hair.  I’m drinking chamomile to mellow me out so let’s get started so I’m not rushing around like a wild thing later on this afters.

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