Show 85…Reconciling God with Science: Shannah Godfrey



I am delighted to welcome Shannah Godfrey back to my show this week. The last time we spoke we heard what she had to say about reading, articulation, and teaching myths before we quickly ran out of time. Today we are going to be talking about good parenting practices, mistakes we make when teaching reading, self esteem and whether it is reasonable to expect your child to have left home by the time he or she turns thirty. Shannah was a gifted child herself and she will tell us why she could wait to go to college. She is a strong advocate for direct instruction but does not believe in pushing a child until he or she is ready. Join me and this fascinating educator, who invented the Godfrey Method, a phonics reading programme that has proven children don’t have to be rocket scientists in order to master reading. We will talk about her life and how she succeeds in a man’s world and homeschools her 14 children! You may need something stronger than tea to get you through this, add a biscuit or two and breathe deeply before tuning in this Friday.



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