Show 8…Leeper vs Arlington: Mr. Shelby Sharpe, Class Action Lawyer


I battle with loose wires in a wireless age, our family is pet-less after ten years, the power of saying “no” and a final Stations of the Cross before Holy Week are all on the agenda this week.

Mr. Shelby Sharpe is my most esteemed guest this week. He has been a lawyer since 1965 and was involved in the basic question “are homeschools private schools?” He filed a lawsuit against all the school districts on behalf of several homeschoolers and brought a class action suit, Leeper vs Arlington, to trial in January 1987 which changed the face of homeschooling for Texans. Join me this afternoon to hear the results of that trail blazing trial that still allows us, 23 years later, to educate our children legally at home.

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