Show 23…Let Liberty Ring: Dr. Marlene McMillan


Marlene McMillan

This week I am dog sitting which brings to mind the many McNeny household pets we’ve had over the years.

My youngest and I begin the hunt for an appropriate college.

I warn my children about their presence on-line and I ponder the many ways they express themselves.  My book excerpt is all about the theatre and the role it played in our family.

With July 4th just around the corner my guest, Dr. Marlene McMillan is joining me to talk about the liberty to homeschool and her new book, The Five Pillars of Liberty. She homeschooled her seven children amid personal difficulties that would daunt the most stalwart of us. She is a teacher, speaker and lobbyist for homeschooling and other educational related subjects. Join us this afternoon for a powerful and interesting show.

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