May 6th, 11 – Jake 44

Jacob, 21.10.1989 – 26.04.11

Our Dear friends,

…. the bare information is this:

Jake’s funeral is to be on Monday 16th May in the western Crypt of Canterbury Cathedral. You will have to park in one of the city centre car parks. His life will be honoured by the music of the cathedral choir and other musicians. We expect the service to take about an hour. It will be followed by a reception in the Chapter House of the cathedral and include a short concert by many of his friends.  During the concert Jake’s immediate family will attend a very short burial service in the churchyard of St Michael’s church, Harbledown, after which we will return to the reception to talk with as many of you as possible.

If you would like to, do bring a very small bunch of your garden or wild flowers to soften the occasion– Jake never liked ‘arrangements’.

Since Jacob’s death on Tuesday 26th we have received the most incredible mountain of cards, flowers, meals, cakes, letters, emails and facebook postings. We have been quite overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and compassion and whilst we always knew Jake was special, the messages from many, many who were strangers to us and of every age nationality and background have astounded us. We are truly humbled by the many people who treasured his humanity and were inspired, loved and moved by him. A brief excerpt from the diary he kept during his illness will confirm why this is. After sixteen months of the most appalling and almost continuous pain and illness, on January 27th 2011 following a piano duet concert at his old school St Edmund’s, he wrote:

…I was completely taken aback and deeply moved by how many people turned out, in fact almost every one I could think of was there! What was most tiring and overwhelming was not so much the playing, but just thanking and appreciating everyone for being there. It really was magnificent and made me feel all warm inside to know so many people I love and who are dear to me were there…my spirits are sky high. How can I thank God enough for such a wonderful way to spend a day after such a seemingly rubbish one yesterday? I can only hope that I can fill all my days in such a memorable way. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

This is the self-effacing, positive, brave, hopeful and talented person we will celebrate and grieve for on Monday week. We’d love to see you there.

Jonathan, Cherry, Ben, Naomi and Esther

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