Show 3…New Kid on the Block: Dixie Hacker

I have had my hair cut.  I tell the story of my coming to America.  Customs Officers are beginning to pick at my Resident Alien Card each time I go through Passport Control.  I reminisce about early homeschooling memories and the NEA statement on education takes my train of thought to public education when it talks about homeschooling.

My guest Dixie has just jumped on the homeschooling bandwagon. She and her four children are thriving. Motivated by meeting a “normal” looking family who homeschooled, Dixie and her husband spent a year deciding whether it was a lifestyle they could embrace. After reading my book they made up their minds to take the plunge. Dixie and I talk about her experience teaching in the public schools and how she now views homeschooling.

My Liverpudlian friend with be with me again for a quick 5 minutes so listen in.

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