Show 158…Driven to Humor: Kate Hall



The name of my guest’s blog attracted me and I in turn caught her attention by complimenting her on her funny musings and inviting her to come and be down to earth and honest with me this week.  Kate Hall is a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom with one husband, Steve, of 10 years, and three young children, all adopted from China (not the husband) and all born with cleft lip and palate (again, not the husband).  When not answering bizarre questions and wiping poop off the walls Kate attends to her creatively named blog, Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine With My Morning Quiet Time?  Her blog started as a way to share their adoption journeys with family and friends.  But somewhere along the line the comments she was receiving about her droll blogs went to her head and drove her to make the change from adoption to humor blog.  Kate fills her time without adult company writing on such topics as her husband’s make-out tape, scatter-brained mommies, 80s fashion trends she failed at, and other everyday things.  Bring your cuppa for an amusing take on parenting and homeschooling.

I’ve already had my elevensies, while you weren’t listening, and I’m all set for an hour to dedicate just to you, so grab your nice, hot cup of tea, coffee or chocolate and let me enthrall you with words about entertaining a dog,  differentiating the days, retreats and family showers.

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