Show 77…Go With the Flow: Lisa Cottrell-Bentley



Do you know what a Favicon is? If your child wanted to be an exogeologist would you be over the moon? Join me this Friday to hear the answers to these questions and more when I welcome back to my show, Lisa Cottrell-Bentley. Lisa is a writer, editor, publisher and business owner who goes with the flow when it comes to homeschooling and puts her daughters first in her busy life. Lisa and her family live in the Arizona desert and have published four books in the Wright on Time series about an RV-living, homeschooling family who love being together, have no emotional or physical hang ups and travel America while learning on the road. Lisa is a radical unschooling Mum whose children really have it together. Make yourself a pot of tea and join us for an hour this week while we talk about love, life and the pursuit of happiness.

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