Show 95…What Comes After Circus? Omar Abderrahman


Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages I bring you the greatest show on earth! My guest this week is Omar Abderrahman who will share a snippet of his extraordinary childhood with us. Omar’s non-traditional education will cast out all those doubts about deprivation and lost opportunities some parents feel when they’re having a bad homeschool day! He is a personal family friend who mentioned, one fine day when he heard we were considering homeschooling, that he was homeschooled! After running away from the circus Omar spent the next 30 years traveling on the road with some pretty impressive names in the music and entertainment industry. He formed his own production company in 1994 and manages and produces events, concert tours, corporate shows, TV and film. Join me on Friday to hear some spectacular, breath-taking and extravagant stories from Omar whose uncommon childhood and Calvert Education did absolutely nothing to cramp his style! This will be a show worth stopping for so grab a cuppa!


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