Show 92…Almost There: Callan Roe & Zoe Cottrell Bentley

My series on graduated homeschoolers is almost at a close and this week I thought I’d bring you two nearly graduated students who are on the cusp of moving up and away from their homeschools. Callan Roe is an exuberant 17 year old, horse lover with ambitions to pursue an international business degree. Ready to take the world by storm she is keen to tell you all about herself. Zoe Cottrell Bentley is a 15 year old scientist with ambitions. One of them is to work as an exogeologist for NASA. You’ll have to listen in to hear her others. She has her own web site and has conducted a few interviews herself. She is also the co-author of a YA novel entitled, Fractured Fate. Join us on Friday for a different view of the future through young and intelligent eyes.



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