Show 87…World School: Eli Gerzon




Eli Gerzon returns as my guest this week having been one of the first visitors to my show back in 2010. He is a self motivated young man who left school at fifteen when he discovered an alternative way to educate himself. He is in good company with Richard Branson, Michael Dell and the late Steve Jobs all of whom left school or college to pursue their own dreams. He took courses in anthropology and linguistics from Harvard before allowing his love for travel to blossom into his own business called World School Travel Tours. He takes homeschooling teenagers on journeys to Europe and Japan where they can learn so much more without having to crack a text book. We are going to talk about the safety of the soul, the meaning of education and how we can achieve it outside the institution. So tune in and be treated to an hour of philosophical thinking, this Friday with Eli Gerzon.



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