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I am The Sociable Homeschooler and believe homeschooling to be a unique lifestyle.  Join me this week as I chat with Leigh Attaway Wilcox, Children’s Book Author, Freelance Editor & Writer, Small Business Owner and Homeschool Mum is joining me.  Lots of proper nouns there to describe her unique lifestyle!  Leigh’s love for crafting stories paired with the motivation to get them published led her to join groups, societies and workshops to further her enjoyment of networking with other aspiring and published authors.  She is a charter member of an online critique group, the Serendipity Sisters and much as we would both love to spend our time together talking about writing our goal for our visit on Friday is to talk about her passion for homeschooling.  In 2012, Leigh began homeschooling her Twice Exceptional son (who lives with Asperger’s Syndrome and is also considered Gifted & Talented) when it became clear that the public school system could not adequately meet his needs.  Together they began a new educational journey and her only regret is they didn’t begin the adventure sooner!   Leigh has spoken on the local news as an advocate for children with special needs and has received awards from advocacy organizations for her parenting and advocacy efforts. She enjoys presenting, speaking and attending conferences, workshops, seminars and conventions. Leigh and her husband live in the same State as I do, Texas, where her son is a constant source of inspiration for her.  I am happy to say that amidst all the writing and speaking you’ll also find Leigh in her Texas-sized kitchen cooking and turning out gluten-free baked delights!  Today at 12noon CT on Toginet.

After the first break I’ll be talking to Leigh Attaway Wilcox, a Mum who, although new to homeschooling both she and her son have embarked on a new educational journey that they both love.  You’ll want to soak up her enthusiasm so stay right where you are!   I’m all set so grab whatever it is you’re drinking and let me engage you with the latest and greatest from the household of the McNenys where we enjoy a unique lifestyle, deal with crowd funding, worry about a photo shoot, and talk about forever marriage.  Are you ready?

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