Show 196…American Royalty 2: Janie Scanlan



My guest today is Janie Scanlan who talked with me last week about homeschooling and the lead up to her daughter’s winning of The Miss America crown in 2011!  We will be continuing our conversation from where we left it on the stage in Las Vegas.  Janie is a homeschooling mother of six ranging in age from 13-26.  She lives in Gehring, Nebraska and has just bought a coffee shop in her small town, which she runs with one of her daughters.  Her husband is a child and adult psychiatrist and Janie says he leaves his job at the office.  Praise the Lord!  This week we will be talking about creativity, the tools she uses to ensure her children are well equipped for life and touch on her dreams to be a writer.  Janie is a first generation American whose children are growing into outstanding citizens as you will hear.  Tune in this Friday with your coffee and listen to what Janie has to say about keeping your children close.

I’ll be talking about more obedience, settling in with my mother-in-law, everything that is happening in Dallas while we’re here in Lindale and boundaries!  I’m drinking hot chocolate, just because it’s in the cupboard, with a slice of pumpkin roll to get me in the festive mood for Thanksgiving.  “I wish you were here,” is scribbled across my show book but at least you can hear my accent and pretend you’re in some lovely manor house across the pond for an hour.  Let’s get started shall we?


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