Show 189… College Rebellion: Jessica Barker




My guest today is a graduated unschooler with an innovative outlook on life.  Jessica Barker is 23-years-old, an autodidact with a great love for traveling anywhere and learning anything.  After two highly successful years spent keeping a blog called Life Without College, Jessica started College Rebellion to reach a wider audience with a greater amount and variety of resources.  Jessica also writes for The Unschooler Experiment and offers mentorship through Zero Tuition College.  When she is not writing for College Rebellion, she spends her time tending to a grand array of flowers and vegetables, and works as a chef at a local restaurant in Burnsville, North Carolina.  Join me on Friday to be encouraged to find out what your dream is and motivated to live it!

I’m going to be nattering about school at home, Daughts’ dilemma on the high seas, an art exhibit and a visit to my old home in Balham!  I’ve got a hot cup of P.G Tips and a bakewell tart.  I do wish you could join me but you can’t so you’ll just have to use your imagination, close your eyes and listen as I spout on while you sit comfortably.


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