Show 181…Travel Experta: Marina Villatoro


Twelve years ago my guest, Marina Villatoro, took a solo trip, overland, to Latin America from New York.  She travelled through Mexico all the way down to Argentina and Chile.   During this long trip she met a fascinating man who spoke flawless English while camping in the Tikal Mayan Ruins in Guatamala.  They married and have two boys and have been living in Central America for over ten years and are a multi cultural and tri-lingual family.  As Marina quips, “there’s never a dull moment in her house!”  Together they have travelled all over South America and it should come as no surprise that Mariana owns and operates a travel company, Travel Experta, to inspire other families to travel with their children.  I am going to be picking her brains about travel advice, tips and recommendations on where to eat, stay and play with your nearest and dearest.  The show is not to be missed, get your cuppa and join me this Friday.


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