Show 180…Fun In My Back Yard: Renee Tougas

ReneeTougasRenee Tougas is my guest again this week, we are going to be talking about creativity and ideals as she and her husband homeschool their three children on the side of a mountain in the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec in Canada.   They both work from home wherever they are, a family lifestyle that suits all of them in their semi-nomadic state!  Together they are outdoors enthusiasts, designers and artists, adventurers, programmers and homemakers, naturalists, sewists, idealists and followers in the way of Christ.  Renee describes herself as a creative spirit with a practical perspective and down-to-earth approach.  She excels at getting things done and managing the details but doesn’t forget to smell the Sweet Williams by appreciating and capturing the beauty around her. Renee brings her love for intentional family living, enthusiasm for the natural world, and a passion for lifelong learning to everything she does. This Friday she is once again bringing all that and a cup of tea to my show so come and join us and re-acquaint with this fascinating woman whose blog, FIMBY, is an acronym for Fun in My Back Yard.

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