Show 18…Socialisation: The Dreaded Question: Jill Martin, Teresa Brett, Melissa Kuntz




The dreaded homeschool topic, Socialisation, is what I talk about this week!

My oldest daughter graduates from community college and we do a photo shoot in the back 40.

I look back on favourite memories concerning special meals and visits from children after bedtime.

This week I am talking to three homeschooling mothers who are in the fray. Jill Martin from Toginet RadioTeresa Brett from Parenting for Social Change and Melissa Kuntz who was my guest on Good Friday. Together we are going to explore the ideas behind the word, socialization. Why people think our children need it and aren’t getting it at home. What does it mean to you to be socialized? Do you think homeschoolers are well socialized? Join me this week and find out why socialization is such a hot topic for school boards, education administrators and homeschoolers.



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