Show 178… S/V Totem on the High Seas: Behan Gifford & Family


Joining me today is Behan Gifford and family on board their sloop, Totem, in Malaysia.  They school their three children on their sailing vessel and have been living on the seas for five years after deciding that “someday” needed a date and doing their dream shouldn’t be postponed for an amorphous retirement. Living on board Totem suits them perfectly although the lifestyle comes with its fair share of routine maintenance except in exotic locations.

In the beginning when they first set sail folk expressed concerns about their sanity.  With three young children, wide-open seas, and no jobs, a few questions arose.  Here are their top ten answers!

1. South

2. 47 foot sloop

3. Six months. Six years. Who knows?

4. Homeschool!

5. Originally thought we’d sell, but we have gold-star renters.

6. Pirates are in predictable areas, looking for Big Money boats. We will avoid both of these risk factors.

7. Sure, storms are scary. So are car accidents.

8. Routine maintenance in exotic locations

9. Semi-retirement, whatever that is.

10. Why not?

I’m going to be talking to Behan and her family about marriage, life, food and creativity.  I’ll also be talking about holidays McNeny style so come and listen in, Friday at noon Texas time and 6pm London time.

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