Show 177… Not Just for Summer: Sarita Holzmann


Are you into the full swing of long, hot summer days yet?  How is reading fitting into your school’s out plans?  Can well-written books be used as boredom busters for the whole family?  This week I am welcoming back Sarita Holzmann, co-founder and president of Sonlight Curriculum, to share with us some books for the summer she and her daughter, Jonelle, have chosen.  Sonlight is a literature based curriculum and Sarita has the pleasure of reading all the books that land on her desk before selecting the ones that eventually end up on your kitchen table!  She is going to be talking about this summer’s reading selections and enticing us with some excerpts.  Come and join me on Friday, with a cuppa when we will experience a taste of Sonlight.

I’ll also be mentioning the few rules I enforced in my homeschool abode, some trivia about the Essex folk and shopping for summer wear.  I’ve got my Earl Grey and a salted caramel bar to get me ready for a half at the local later, but first things first!

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