Show 153…Charity Water: Stacie Zellmer
Stacie Zellmer is joining me today to talk about the importance of clean water in the world, something we take for granted and waste without thinking! Imagine spending several hours a day, every day, walking with a container to fetch the family’s water. Imagine drinking or cooking with this water that looks and tastes dirty. Imagine going without water, not being able to drink your 64 ounces a day, not being able to turn on a tap, let it run to heat up before stepping into your morning shower for as long as you like! Stacie works for a company that is moving towards providing clean water to millions of people globally. She has degrees in Economics and International Relations from Wheaton College and experience in India where she helped frame an International Justice Missions’ community engagement strategy. Stacie returned to New York to assist in finding innovative ways to involve schools and faith groups in Charity: Water’s mission. Join me on Friday for a cuppa and a chat about what we can do to be a part of this unique outreach.



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