Show 130…Staying Debt Free: Stacey Lane


I have someone who shouted, “I’m Debt Free” on the Dave Ramsey show last year, as my guest this week. Stacey Lane is a wife, mother, teacher and Jill-of-all-trades who is a member of the Bright Ideas Press team. Her many gifts include visual thinking, bringing order out of chaos, dealing with sibling rivalry when it rears its fierce head and thinking outside the box. She takes charge when needed and with her encouragement, humour and practical projects managed to lead her household into the sought after realm of debt freedom! Stacey is a fellow homeschooler who will allay any fears you may have about being able to afford life on one income. Tune in this Friday and hear her notorious and amazing ideas on frugality, bring your cappuccino, any way you like it!


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