September 10th, 09 – Jake 5(2)

Jacob does his best almost all the time to lighten the mood, allay our badly hidden anxieties and maintain positivity. His piano playing has gained a wonderful serenity and space together with a deep reflectiveness and insight, it’s wonderful to hear. Brahms intermezzi op 117, and Faure’s 1st and 4th Nocturnes, alternate with miraculous renditions of the G major partita of Bach – in particular the gigue which he plays with a mixture of confidence and inner exploration. Try to listen to one of them and imagine.

The Chemotherapy, now in its third intensive week, is at last having an outward effect on Jacob. Now he feels very tired, not sick but sometimes a bit low. His hair has begun to fall out (something they assured him would happen sooner) and he is feeling sleepy much of the time.  His blood counts are still not very low but are gradually slipping down to make him what they call ‘neutropenic’ which means that he will have no immunity at all.  His platelets are also gradually falling which means that the clotting mechanisms will soon need some help. Dreadful though these things sound these are what we were told to expect before a series of blood transfusions take his blood back up to normal levels and they test his bone marrow again (ouch) to see how much the chemotherapy has killed off the bad cells.

We are every bit as  grateful for the many cards, letters, Facebook, text, and email messages we are getting from all of you – you would be amazed at the great comfort they are. Each of you has a different and highly personal way of writing to and comforting us, each salves an otherwise untreated sore. We feel so fortunate to have such a wealth of good friends and relatives and ask you to continue as you have done, praying, thinking, lighting candles, cooking, writing, sharing insights and experience.

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